Top Smart Rowing Machines to Upgrade Your Workout

Smart Rowing Machine

Top Smart Rowing Machines to Upgrade Your Workout

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An excellent choice for a home workout is rowing machines, which give a complete body workout as opposed to exercise bikes or treadmills—more often than not, it is more: You have to sit and start rowing.

Are you considering purchasing one? Fitness experts tried out various models to help you pick the optimum rowing machine. Their suggestions will be considered shortly, and our acquiring guide will enable you to find the perfect rower for yourself.

Why Should You Buy a Rowing Machine?

When you practice with rowing machines, it will also be a whole-body workout, unlike when you run or cycle since they are designed to concentrate only on your legs most of the time. Additionally, they are beneficial in various ways:

Low effect: Rowing burns calories without any extra anxiety over your knees and ankles.

Heart and lung health benefits: Rowing is great for your heart and lungs as it works on the cardiovascular system. It helps to strengthen and improve the overall performance of your lungs.

Space efficient: In contrast, rowing machines, which have thin (slim) designs, take up very little space in tiny homes despite having a larger footprint than treadmills and ellipticals. Such machines are foldable because many of them can be stored vertically when they are not being used.

Accessible: Anyone, from Olympians to beginners, can get an effective workout on a rowing machine. Some rowing machines, such as the Hydrow Connected Rower, even incorporate coached workouts meant to help you improve your technique.

What Are the Different Types of Rowing Machines?

The way that rowing machines develop resistance is an ordinary way to define them. Three primary categories exist:

The most prevalent variety is air rowing machines. Inside a cylindrical case connected to a belt or chain is a flyer. The flywheel rotates as you pull on the handle. The quicker you row, the more resistance the air generates.

These innovative and resilient tools mimic the action of rowing on water with different levels of resistance. However, they can be a little noisy.

Magnetic rowing machines: Like the flywheel on rowing machines, this one is also attached via belts and chains. It employs powerful magnets to provide resistance to the flywheel.

Magnetic rowing machines are wonderful for home workouts as they are almost silent and typically compact. While only some people find them less substantial than water or air rowers, they still offer a great workout option.

Water rowing machines: Water rowing machines copy rowing on the water by utilizing a handle connected to a belt or chain that spins a paddle-like flywheel inside a water tank. It’s the newest addition to the general market since water itself provides resistance.

Water rowers make less noise, require little maintenance, and provide the best experience while rowing. Although these machines are usually bigger and pricier, they are known for their good looks, as seen in WaterRower devices.

Top Smart Rowing Machines

1.Concept2 RowErg With Standard Legs

The Concept2 RowErg is highly preferred in gyms and rowing clubs for its superb workout performance. It provides slick, persistent rowing at all speeds with a straightforward black-and-white monitor that incorporates several preset and adaptable workouts. Experienced rowers will find it outstanding as it evaluates vital parameters such as calories burned and pace.

It is designed to be space-efficient, as it can be removed and stored upright. While it is cheaper because it does not have a vibrating touchscreen, beginners may not like the engaging exercise experience it provides.

Product Specifications:

This rowing machine is of the air type, can be folded, has dimensions of 106.5 cm in height, 61 cm in width, and 244 cm in length, and comes with built-in workouts.

2. Top Pick for Beginners: Hydrow Connected Rower

The Concept2 is ideal for experienced rowers, while the Hydrow is perfect for beginners because its bright 22 inches touchscreen has videos to learn from and on-water workouts that copy rowing on beautiful rivers—live with sound effects too!—making it possible for one who does not know how to row before taking lessons via means of watching themselves through cameras attached in front of their machines even if they are ignorant about techniques involved in this sport since there would be someone else recording them doing just anything on a computer screen as if they were playing video games. 

The Hydrow is one of the biggest rowers and can’t be folded, so check your room size before buying. If you have the space, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Product Specifications:

The Hydrow is an unfoldable magnetic rowing machine.  It measures 120 cm in height, 64 cm in width, and 219 cm in length and includes built-in workouts.

3. Top Choice for Quality Coaching: ProForm Carbon R10

Several rowing tutors are proficient and double Olympic champions; instructors are available through the fitness app.

You can use the fitness app for the initial 30 days without being charged; later, you will be charged monthly. The application includes many classes, both rowing and non-rowing, such as HIITs, strength sessions, and classes for people of all abilities and health objectives.

The rower itself is sturdy, stable, and almost silent. It has several resistance options that can be adjusted manually or automatically during workouts, allowing you to focus on your technique.

4. Ideal for Compact Spaces: Hydrow Wave Rower

The Hydrow Wave offers tutorials for both beginners and experienced rowers, covering rowing techniques and form tips. It also provides a wide range of workout videos, which you can filter by athlete, duration, workout type, style, and location, like the Apache River.

If you want to avoid choosing, the software can select workouts for you based on your previous data. In addition to rowing exercises, it includes on-the-mat workouts like Pilates, yoga, strength training, and cool-down sessions.

This model is 30% smaller than the original Hydrow, can be folded for easy storage, and has an optional storage anchor for vertical storage. It’s ideal for those with limited space.

The Hydrow Wave is a foldable, water-resistant rower that is convenient for storage. It measures 204 cm in length, 49 cm in width, and 110 cm in height.

5. Top Choice for Different Workout Options: NordicTrack RW900

The pivoting screen on this rower lets you access thousands of iFit workouts both on and off the machine. You can filter workouts by duration, intensity, trainer, and equipment. There are also yoga, core, and meditation guides for on-the-mat workouts. To keep you motivated, you earn badges and rewards after completing a certain number of workouts.

You can search for a suitable fit by choosing workouts based on the trainer’s profile and bio. When you do this, it seems like you have a personal trainer at home.

This magnetic rowing machine is not foldable and measures 207 cm in length, 56 cm in width, and 142 cm in height. It includes built-in workouts.

6. Top Pick for Strength Building: Technogym Skillrow

The Technogym Skillrow aims to mimic real rowing more accurately than other machines. It offers two types of resistance, cardio, and power, which you can switch between using a nozzle above the footplates.

A small console in front of the flywheel displays real-time workout information, changing data based on the mode. Cardio mode focuses on drag, while power mode tracks reps or strokes.

Fitness experts found the machine strong and sturdy, making it ideal for intense sessions. It requires constant effort to keep it going, offering a good challenge.

This air rowing machine is foldable and measures 128 cm in height, 62.9 cm in width, and 24.3 cm in length. It also includes built-in workouts.

7. Top Choice for Exercise Classes: The Echelon Row

If you love live workout classes but can only sometimes get to the gym, the Echelon Row is perfect for you. By subscribing to the fitness app, you get access to on-demand studio sessions, virtual rows, and live classes. During live classes, you can see how others are doing, adding a fun competitive element.

Your phone or tablet, which fits into a holder in front of the flywheel, is utilized to operate the software. The rowing machine’s only buttons, conveniently located on the handle, let you switch between its 32 resistance levels, keeping the design sleek.

This magnetic rowing machine is not foldable and measures 207 cm in length, 56 cm in width, and 142 cm in height. It offers built-in workouts that are accessible via an app.

8. Top Pick for Water Rowing: WaterRower Performance Ergometer

The top water rowing machine on our list is compact and crafted from Appalachian oak. It offers a stylish design and can be kept upright to preserve space. Due to its attractive wooden finish, it blends seamlessly with furniture.

While it lacks a built-in screen, it includes a phone holder above the water tank and links to an app. The app offers customizable workouts for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels, along with real-time races against other users.

The natural water-based resistance provides a smooth and relaxed rowing experience, ideal for beginners. It’s also quiet, making it suitable for early morning workouts without disturbing neighbors.

This water rowing machine is foldable and measures 51 cm in height, 57 cm in width, and 209 cm in length. It offers built-in workouts that are accessible via an app.


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