Why the Elliptical is Your Low-Impact Secret Weapon for Fitness


Why the Elliptical is Your Low-Impact Secret Weapon for Fitness

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A low-impact cardio workout is healthy, and an elliptical machine provides it. It also benefits overall fitness by increasing stamina and strengthening the upper and lower body. Try the NordicTrack elliptical for low-impact cardio. An elliptical exercise machine for home can quickly bring fitness to regular workouts.

Are elliptical workouts healthy options? The elliptical machine, also called a cross trainer, allows a minimally invasive way to run, walk, or climb without much stress on joints. It has incredible features that offer a safe and complete full-body workout. Fitness experts can determine whether the elliptical should be one of the competent exercise machines or if one should opt for a different form of cardio. Experience a full-body workout with the Eclipse exercise machine.

What Muscles Do Ellipticals Use?

A full-body cardio workout can be quickly done with ellipticals, engaging many upper and lower body muscles. When practising correctly, they work on the body’s glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, chest, back, biceps, and triceps. Get fitness with regular workouts through the ProForm elliptical. Try the bicycle elliptical for an exceptional workout session. 

When using an elliptical, the practitioner uses the swinging arm handles. Instead, one can hold onto a bar at the front for balance, which is beneficial if there are any upper-body injuries. Using the swinging handles, the machine will work less for the chest, back, biceps, or triceps. However, the machine’s bars will still move, swinging back and forth at the sides. Practice and experience a hybrid workout with the bicycle elliptical.

Is using an Elliptical machine for workouts healthy?

We are all concerned about our daily fitness, and including an elliptical exercise machine is one healthy option. It’s tender on the joints and suitable for those suffering joint pain, and many fitness trainers recommend it for this reason.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Don’t expect changes in a short period while using the elliptical. However, some exercises can bring quick results; elliptical exercises are gentle, which means changes will take time. For a healthy cardiovascular system, it may be possible to feel the improvement in the first to third weeks with regular use. Visible healthy changes in the body may take longer, usually around six to eight weeks of persistent elliptical workouts.

Benefits of an Elliptical exercise machine

Everyone is concerned about daily healthy workouts in today’s fast-moving and technological world. Exercising with an elliptical machine in a daily fitness routine has various benefits, from joint-gentle workouts to full-body involvement. Enjoy a smooth and easy workout on the ProForm elliptical. An under-desk elliptical helps stay active at work, and a compact elliptical can save space. Stay fit in close spaces with a compact elliptical.

It boosts stamina and cardio capacity.

Diet is another concern, as the work schedule is very hectic, and finding time for good physical exercise is difficult. A healthy and balanced fitness diet should include aerobic exercise or cardio. The heart and lungs work hard, and practising aerobic activity pumps more blood and oxygen into the muscles. Elliptical machines are healthy for aerobic exercise. They build muscles, lungs, and hearts, strengthening stamina. The stable cardio workout and high-intensity break training on an elliptical machine is easy. The NordicTrack elliptical is excellent for home workouts.

It burns a lot of calories.

Use the elliptical machine to burn many calories quickly. Depending on body weight, one can burn around 270–400 calories in just 30 minutes. It may be possible to burn fewer calories if one weighs 125 pounds, but if one weighs  185 pounds, one can burn more. Burning more calories than the intake of foods can help people lose weight. To burn even more calories, try doing more intense elliptical workouts. Upgrade the home gym with a NordicTrack elliptical. 

Put less stress on joints.

Around 1990, the elliptical machine became famous; it was big news for people with painful joints and injuries from running. Unlike running or other high-impact exercises that can be tough on the knees, ankles, and hips, the elliptical offers a kinder workout for joints because feet stay on the pedals. Using the elliptical puts less stress on the body than physical activities like running or jogging, letting a person keep up training without as much wear and tear. Raise productivity with an under-desk elliptical.

Supports for both an upper and lower body workout

An elliptical machine with handles is unique because it lets one simultaneously work out the upper and lower bodies. Push and pull the handles as much as you move the legs to get the most out of the upper-body workout. If the exercise is performed well, the elliptical can help strengthen the buttocks, legs, chest, back, arms, and core muscles. Try the elliptical leg exerciser to strengthen the legs.

Targets specific leg muscles

On an elliptical, adjust both the foot pedals’ resistance and slope. This helps one work on different leg muscles, like the thighs, buttocks, and calves. If one raises the slope, they might feel it more in their buttocks and cramps. Lowering the pedals can make the thighs work harder. Also, since the pedals can move backwards, one can switch their stride direction and target their cramps and buttocks. Get in shape with the ellipse leg exerciser.

Improves balance

Practicing exercises that support body weight can strengthen bones and help a person stay balanced. While exercising on an elliptical, one can stand tall and let go of the handles, focusing on the core muscles and balance. Ensure the machine’s resistance and slant are set to levels managed securely without holding onto the handles. Exercise easily with a seated elliptical. Experience a great workout with a seated elliptical. Experience excellent workouts with the Octane elliptical. Exercise regularly with the elliptical for effective weight loss workouts.

Maintains fitness after injury

While recovering from an injury and unable to practice usual exercises, an elliptical can be a good option for staying fit. Because it’s gentle on joints, it’s easier on the body than activities like running or jumping and exercising on an elliptical while healing might help to regain complete motion. It helps to strengthen muscles and joints while giving the injured area a break. Get the under-desk elliptical for the workspace, which is an excellent option for busy professionals. Accelerate the fitness game with the Octane elliptical.

It provides a variety of options.

Elliptical machines often have various exercise plans from which one can select. These plans copy things like mounting hills or varying speeds to choose the best workout. Stay active and fit on the go with a portable elliptical.

Straightforward to use

One good thing about the elliptical is that it’s easy to understand how to use it. Even though it’s simple to learn, taking advice from a trainer might be helpful. They can demonstrate how to use it and advise on workout-matching fitness goals. When starting, one should focus on using the foot pedals. Folding elliptical is a great option that saves space and maintains fitness.

Is an elliptical workout as good as cycling?

Cycling and using the top elliptical for workouts are gentle on the body because the feet stay on the pedals the whole time. This makes them gentler for the joints compared to running or severe workouts. Using a stationary bike can change how hard it is to pedal to get a workout, similar to using an elliptical. Enjoy outdoor workouts with an elliptical bike.

But comparing outdoor cycling to using an elliptical gets a bit trickier. Outdoor cycling requires more hills, bumpy roads, and traffic, making it a more varied workout. It would be better to work out in a way that mimics real-life movements.

Also, biking to work instead of driving might help to keep off extra weight in the long run, according to reports from people themselves. Combine elliptical exercises with a healthy diet for weight loss.

How long does one use the top elliptical?

Ideally, how much time one can spend on the elliptical depends on the goal one wants to achieve. One should get between 150 and 300 minutes of cardio each week. To hit the 150-minute mark, it’s like doing 30 minutes of softening exercise five days a week. If there is a shortage of time, 20 minutes should be spent at a higher intensity instead of exercising harder, which can quickly improve health and burn more calories. Get the workout anywhere with a portable elliptical.

How to choose the machine

The most important factors when choosing a treadmill or an elliptical are the health situation and fitness goals. Both can help burn calories and give a good cardio workout. Get easy fitness workouts with the freedom of FreeMotion machines.

Some people find good benefits with the elliptical that the treadmill doesn’t offer. Many people are prone to injuries or have muscle or bone issues. In that case, the elliptical might be a smarter choice because:

  • It helps with a good cardio workout, which impacts less stress on bones and joints 
  • The exercise is straightforward to understand with Elliptical and has a lesser risk of injury during exercise.
  • Working both the upper and lower body together is possible, especially with arm handles.

The treadmill is perhaps the best option if:

  • No prior record of injuries or joint problems
  • Practice for a precise race distance, like 5K or 10K.
  • Emphasis on building strength in the glutes and leg muscles

How safe are treadmills and elliptical machines?

Ellipticals and treadmills are safe to use if safety rules are followed properly. Explore and practice regular workouts with FreeMotion machines.

When new to the elliptical, they should use it without the arm handles to get used to the movement. Later, once they’re comfortable, they can add the arm handles.

When using the elliptical, ensure that the body posture is straight and the core is engaged. Learn how to use it from a certified trainer while practising at the gym.

Always clip the safety clip for clothes when working on a treadmill. It stops the treadmill immediately if you trip or fall.

Warmer cooling and cool-down to prepare the body’s muscles, and joints and reduce the risk of injuries are essential before starting exercise on a treadmill. Remember to stretch after the workout session, too.

If the body feels faint, dizzy, or lightheaded, intake lots of water and stop using the elliptical or treadmill. Talk to the doctor before starting any new exercise. 


Treadmills and ellipticals are excellent cardio exercises, but the best option depends on the person and their physics. For example, the elliptical might be safer if a person has muscle or bone issues. However, the treadmill could be better for burning calories and strengthening the legs. Maintain the fitness schedule with the best elliptical exercise machine for home while busy working schedules.