5 Reasons Why Elliptical Trainers Are Perfect for Beginners

5 Reasons Why Elliptical Trainers Are Perfect for Beginners

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According to research, the elliptical trainer is one of the best choices for individuals who want to stay fit and regain physical shape. It’s a stable machine with long handles and foot pedals, duplicating walking, running, and stair-climbing actions for a full-body workout. In any gym or fitness centre, the elliptical machine is a cornerstone. The elliptical machine is cardio equipment, a combination of the pedalling motion of the bike with the climbing motions of the stepper and the forward-backwards motions of the rower.

This cardio machine combines the motions of a bike, stepper, rower, and treadmill. However, it is essential to be aware of all its benefits. Discover the advantages of the elliptical trainer now.

The Elliptical Trainer helps in weight loss.

If a person keeps trying to lose weight, the elliptical trainer is the perfect and accurate choice. Working out for thirty minutes daily at 70% of the physical maximum heart rate effectively burns extra fat. It engages several muscles, making exercises more straightforward and burning calories more efficiently. Further, it works out the whole body, making it better to stick to the routine and see fast, motivating outcomes. A 30-minute session on the Horizon elliptical is the best start to the fitness journey. 

1. Protect the Joints

For weight loss, cross trainers are beneficial; however, the benefits of cross trainers go beyond weight loss and include joint protection. This is one of the most vital differences when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the cross trainer against the treadmill. Exercise on the treadmill is considered a powerful workout. On the contrary, using a cross-trainer for workouts is impact-free. Cross-trainers are an excellent alternative for people who experience joint issues or pain, as they significantly reduce the pressure applied to the joints, particularly the knee and hip. 

2. Promote Heart Health with the Elliptical Trainer

Cardio training is highly advisable for physical rehabilitation and motor recovery. It also benefits maintaining fitness levels and strengthening cardiovascular health. Regular workouts have several benefits: they strengthen the body’s health, improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol, and improve the heart’s health.  The elliptical trainer presents further benefits, including helping improve respiratory performance. Health professionals, with one voice, acknowledge its heart-strengthening benefits.

3. Avoid Injuries and Exercise Safely

It can feel discouraging if someone is new to the gym, particularly with complicated equipment. However,  with the cross-trainer, this is fine. Its highly intuitive design provides the proper learning technique in just a few minutes. Similarly, it’s one of the most secure gym machines. Unlike treadmills or free weights, accidents on the cross trainer are rare, making it a safe option for workouts.

4. Build Strength

While resistance training is usually used for building muscle strength, using a cross trainer is an outstanding alternative or addition to strengthening overall strength. Increasing the machine’s resistance makes the body work harder at the same rhythm; it will be progressive if you want to get stronger. According to the research, cross-trainers can support muscle recovery for those who practice a lot of resistance training. This can lead to quick muscle recovery and more substantial strength gains overall. When working out with the cross trainer for recovery, keeping the resistance and heart rate relatively low compared to high-intensity exercises is essential.

5. Working out at Home

Some people have hectic work schedules and prefer home workouts over going to the gym. Consider putting a cross-trainer at the top of the equipment list. They’re reasonable, space-saving, and provide a full-body workout. Regardless, cross-trainers are usually neglected for home gyms, with many opting for treadmills.


In the busy, hectic work schedule and uncertainty about a workout, at least try a 30-minute session on the elliptical trainer. Start with a simple warm-up at a slow pace, just like walking for 10 minutes. One can gradually increase speed for 15 minutes. One is at the right pace when one can talk or read without getting out of breath. In between, relax for 5 minutes to cool down.

As we discussed the five good reasons to use an elliptical trainer, exercise at least twice a week for 45 minutes with rest days in between to get the best results. Remember to drink water and stretch after exercising!